atoti.agg.var(operand: NonConstantColumnConvertibleOrLevel, /, *, mode: Literal['sample', 'population'] = 'sample') MeasureDescription#
atoti.agg.var(operand: NonConstantMeasureConvertible, /, *, mode: Literal['sample', 'population'] = 'sample', scope: CumulativeScope | OriginScope | SiblingsScope) MeasureDescription

Return a measure equal to the variance of the passed operand across the specified scope.

  • operand – The operand to get the variance of.

  • mode

    One of the supported modes:

    • The sample variance, similar to Excel’s VAR.S, is \(\frac{\sum_{i=1}^{n} (X_i - m)^{2}}{n - 1}\) where m is the sample mean and n the size of the sample. Use this mode if the data represents a sample of the population.

    • The population variance, similar to Excel’s VAR.P is \(\frac{\sum_{i=1}^{n}(X_i - m)^{2}}{n}\) where m is the mean of the Xi elements and n the size of the population. Use this mode if the data represents the entire population.

  • scope – The scope of the aggregation.