Table.load_parquet(path, /, *, columns={}, client_side_encryption=None)#

Load a Parquet file into this scenario.

  • path (Path | str) – The path to the Parquet file. If a path pointing to a directory is provided, all of the files with the .parquet extension in the directory will be loaded into the same table and, as such, they are all expected to share the same schema. The path can also be a glob pattern (e.g. path/to/directory/**.*.parquet).

  • columns (Mapping[str, str]) – Mapping from file column names to table column names. When the mapping is not empty, columns of the file absent from the mapping keys will not be loaded. Other parameters accepting column names expect to be passed table column names (i.e. values of this mapping) and not file column names.

  • client_side_encryption (ClientSideEncryptionConfig | None) – The client side encryption configuration to use when loading data.