Some atoti features require large additional libraries and might not be useful in every projects. To keep the core library as light as possible, these features are packaged into separate plugins that can be installed when needed.


Plugins can be installed as a Pip extra or as a Conda package.

For instance, to install the Kafka plugin:


pip install atoti[kafka]

This is better than doing pip install atoti-kafka as it ensures that the version of the plugin matches the one of atoti.


conda install atoti-kafka

Conda will automatically pick the version of the plugin matching your atoti version.

Available plugins

  • atoti-aws: Load CSV and Parquet files from AWS S3 into atoti stores.

  • atoti-azure: Load CSV and Parquet files from Azure Blob Storage into atoti stores.

  • atoti-gcp: Load CSV and Parquet files from Google cloud Storage into atoti stores.

  • atoti-jupyterlab: Visualize the data in atoti session with interactive widgets in JupyterLab.

  • atoti-kafka: Load real time Kafka streams into atoti stores.

  • atoti-sql: Load results of SQL queries into atoti stores.