0.8.9 (February 02, 2024)#


  • Upgraded Atoti UI to 5.1.14.

  • If the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to a supported Java version, atoti.Session.__init__() will use this Java installation instead of the one from jdk4py.

  • Users with the ROLE_ADMIN role can request the session even when atoti.Session.ready is False. This allows to set up atoti.Session.security before setting ready to True.

  • The default value of the max_sub_queries attribute of the DirectQuery *ConnectionInfo classes has been increased from 50 to 500.


  • Array constants mixing int and float elements. Use the same type for all the elements.

  • Passing a Sequence to the clustering_columns attribute of the DirectQuery *TableOptions classes. Pass a Set instead.


  • Support for the private ATOTI_JAVA_HOME environment variable. The changed handling of JAVA_HOME made it redundant.


  • Login popup being displayed by Admin UI even after successful authentication against the session.