0.8.10 (March 05, 2024)#





  • Runtime type checking of collections. The deprecations related to Sequence and Set mentioned above were made to get rid of Collection throughout the API because the runtime type checking mechanism used by Atoti (powered by Pydantic) does not validate Collection.

    For instance, thanks to this change, tt.Session(extra_jars="some.jar") will raise an error indicating ‘str’ instances are not allowed as a Sequence value since extra_jars must be a Sequence of paths. Before, it would have unexpectedly added the paths s, o, m, e, ., j, a, r to the classpath.

  • load_kafka()’s batch_duration parameter not behaving as documented.

  • pip install “atoti[jupyterlab]==x.y.z” sometimes trying to download more versions of atoti-jupyterlab than x.y.z before figuring out that they are not compatible.