0.6.1 (2021-08-23)




  • Conversion to absolute paths on Windows (#322).

  • atoti.at() handling of literal values and levels in the same call (#184).

  • Iteration on atoti.cube.Cube.levels when multiple levels have the same name (#327).

  • atoti.cube.Cube.create_parameter_simulation() failure when an existing table contained a column named Scenario (#335). The method was also changed to raise a clear error when a level named Scenario is passed to its levels parameter.

  • Combination of measures defined by aggregating operations on table columns and other measures.

User interface

  • Inability to collapse a table cell after expanding another one (#332).

  • Deletion of dashboards and widgets when user_content_storage is not configured.

  • Endless rapid pinging when a session is closed but its app stays opened in a browser tab.