0.4.0 (2020-05-25)




  • BREAKING: simulation.Priority. Directly pass numbers to rank simulation rules instead.

  • BREAKING: Cube.create_bucketing() has moved to Cube._setup_bucketing() and is not part of the public API anymore. It might change in future releases without notice.

  • BREAKING: config.create_config()’s properties parameter. max_memory can be passed directly as a named-parameter instead. The other properties have been removed.

  • BREAKING: pow(measure_a, measure_b) replaced by measure_a ** measure_b.


  • Inability to install atoti alongside Python > 3.7 when using Conda.

  • Issue with filter() not being aggregated correctly (#17, #28).

  • Metadata DBs created in atoti can be used in Atoti+ and reciprocally (#15).

  • Inability to create some measures or hierarchies after some partial joins (#4, #10).

  • Inability to load CSV folders from AWS S3 storage.

  • Slow read of files on AWS S3 when anonymous due to multiple timeouts in the credentials provider (#26).

  • Inability to use wildcards on fields types other than strings.

  • Inability to use numeric levels for measure simulations.