0.8.5 (October 03, 2023)#


  • atoti-jupyterlab. It comes with Atoti UI 5.1.9 and requires JupyterLab >= 4.0.5.

    Notebooks containing widgets created with atoti-jupyterlab3 can be migrated with this CLI. The servers.json file required for the migration can be created by following the procedure described in the 0.8.0 release notes.

  • query()’s filter parameter accepts non-string constants:

    from datetime import datetime
    cube.query(filter=l["Date"] == datetime(2023, 10, 3))


  • Upgraded the app to Atoti UI 5.1.9.


  • atoti-jupyterlab3. Upgrade to atoti-jupyterlab.

  • link(). Use link instead:

    - session.link()
    + session.link
    - session.link(path="#/dashboard/92i")
    + session.link / "#/dashboard/92i"
  • visualize(). Use widget instead:

    - session.visualize(name="Top 5 countries")
    + session.widget # Use the widget's title bar to change the widget title.


  • Snapshots of widgets created with widget not rendering correctly on GitHub (issue #425). This requires atoti-jupyterlab (the problem still exists in atoti-jupyterlab3).