0.5.3 (2021-04-16)


User interface

  • Tree table widget.

    tree table widget

    The tree table is like a pivot table where the row headers are squashed into a single column displayed as a tree.

  • The Drillthrough context menu item already available in the app is also supported in JupyterLab.

    opening a drillthrough in JupyterLab

    Triggering the context menu of tables or charts from a selection with a single element allows to create a drillthrough widget that can be used to know the facts contributing to this aggregate.

  • The Convert to Widget Below JupyterLab command is also available on DataFrames returned by session.Session.query_mdx() and query.session.QuerySession.query_mdx().

  • Query editor drawer in the app to manipulate the MDX query of the selected widget.


  • DocSearch has been integrated to the docs to provide faster and better search results (#168).

  • The atoti-plus package has been restructured from a standalone package that could be installed instead of the atoti package to a plugin that can be installed alongside the atoti package.

  • Performance of store.Store.append() has been improved (#255).

  • Stores are no longer automatically partitioned.


  • Issue where uploading a file from the project root via the source simulation widget would cause it to be deleted when restarting the session (#253).

  • Issue with date columns when using SQL sources (#263).

  • value() correctly differentiates None due to different values and None due to missing data.