Customize the app#

This feature is not part of the community edition: it needs to be unlocked.

There are two ways to customize the app served by a session:


Here is an example:

from pathlib import Path
_RESOURCES_DIRECTORY = Path("resources") / "customize_the_app"
import atoti as tt
session = tt.Session(
        favicon=_RESOURCES_DIRECTORY / "favicon.ico",
        logo=_RESOURCES_DIRECTORY / "logo.svg",
        title="Hey hey hey",

The app of this session looks like this:

Rebranded app

App extensions#

App extensions can change the behavior of the app or augment it with new features. App extensions are developed in JavaScript/TypeScript.

Atoti comes with existing app extensions. For instance:

session = tt.Session(

This extension will add some advanced tools and a Text editor widget:

Extended app

Take a look at the documentation of Session()’s app_extensions parameter to learn how to create your own extensions.