Session.add_external_table(external_table, /, table_name=None, *, columns={}, options=None)#

Add a table from an external database to the session.

  • external_table (ExternalTableT_co) – The external database table from which to build the session table. Instances of such tables are obtained through an external database connection.

  • table_name (str | None) – The name to give to the table in the session. If None, the name of the external table is used.

  • columns (Mapping[str, str]) – Mapping from external column names to local column names. If empty, the local columns will share the names of the external columns.

  • options (ExternalTableOptions[ExternalTableT_co] | None) – The database specific options to read the table. Each DirectQuery plugin has its own *TableOptions class.

Return type: