atoti.config.jwt_config module#

class atoti.JwtConfig#

The JWT configuration.


This feature is not part of the community edition: it needs to be unlocked.

Atoti uses JSON Web Tokens to authenticate communications between its various components (e.g. between the app and the session), but also to authenticate communications with remote user content storages.


>>> config = tt.JwtConfig(
...     key_pair=tt.KeyPair(
...         public_key="some public key",
...         private_key="some private key",
...     )
... )
key_pair: KeyPair#

The key pair used to sign the JWT.

By default, a random key pair of 2048 bytes will be generated at session creation time.

Passing a custom JWT key pair is mainly useful for SSO purposes

Only RSA keys using the PKCS 8 standard are supported. Key pairs can be generated using a library like pycryptodome for example.