Reports of data loaded into tables.

Each table has a global loading_report made of several individual loading reports.

When an error occurs while loading data, a warning is displayed. These warnings can be disabled like this:

import logging

Report about the loading of a single file or operation.

duration: int

Duration of the loading in milliseconds.

error_messages: Sequence[str]

Messages of the errors.

errors: int

Number of errors.

loaded: int

Number of loaded lines.

name: str

Name of the loaded file or operation.

source: str

Source used to load the data.


Report about the data loaded into a table.

It is made of several LoadingReport.

property error_messages: Sequence[str]

Error messages.

Return type


reports: Sequence[]

Reports of individual loading.

table_name: str
property total_errors: int

Total number of errors.

Return type


property total_loaded: int

Total number of loaded rows.

Return type