atoti.experimental.distributed package

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Experimental features are subject to breaking changes (even removals) in minor and/or patch releases.

atoti supports distributed clusters with several data cubes and one query cube.

This is not the same as a query session: in a query session, the query cube connects to a remote data cube and query its content, while in a distributed setup, multiple data cubes can join a distributed cluster where a distributed cube can be queried to retrieve the union of their data.

Distributed cubes can be used like this:

import atoti as tt

distributed_session = tt.experimental.create_distributed_session("dist-test")

# The distributed cube's structure is the same as that of the data cubes that joined its cluster.
# As a result:
#   - the distributed cube's measures, hierarchies, and levels cannot be modified by the user
#   - all the data cubes in the cluster must have the same measures, hierarchies, and levels
distributed_cube = distributed_session.create_cube("DistributedCube")
l, m = distributed_cube.levels, distributed_cube.measures

# Create the local cube and join the distributed cluster
session = tt.create_session()

sales_table = session.read_csv("data/sales.csv", keys=["Sale ID"])
cube = session.create_cube(sales_table, "sales1")

tt.experimental.join_distributed_cluster(cube, f"http://localhost:{distributed_session.port}", "DistributedCube")

# The distributed cube can be queried as usual, with `distributed_session.visualize()`, or `distributed_cube.query()` returning a pandas DataFrame.

# Wait for the distributed cube to register the arrival of the data cube
import time

while "Amount.SUM" not in m:

distributed_cube.query(m["Amount.SUM"], m["Quantity.SUM"], levels=[l["Product"]])
atoti.experimental.distributed.create_distributed_session(name='Unnamed', *, config=None, **kwargs)

Create a distributed session.

  • name (str) – The name of the session.

  • config (Optional[Mapping[str, Any]]) – The configuration of the session or the path to a configuration file.

atoti.experimental.distributed.join_distributed_cluster(*, cube, distributed_session_url, distributed_cube_name)

Join the distributed cluster at the given address for the given distributed cube.