atoti.config.logging module

class atoti.config.logging.LoggingConfig(file_path)

The configuration describing how the session logs will be handled.


The rolling policy is:

  • A maximum file size of 10MB.

  • A maximum history of 7 days.

Once the maximum size is reached, logs are archived following the pattern f"{file_path}.{date}.{i}.gz" where date is the creation date of the file in the yyyy-MM-dd format and i an integer incremented during the day.


>>> config = {"logging": {"file_path": "./atoti/server.log"}}
file_path: Optional[Union[pathlib.Path, str]]

The path of the file where the session logs will be written.

Defaults to logs/server.log in the session directory under $ATOTI_HOME (this environment variable itself defaults to $HOME/.atoti).