atoti.config.jwt module

class atoti.config.jwt.JwtConfig(key_pair)

The JWT configuration.


This requires the atoti-plus plugin.

Atoti+ uses JSON Web Tokens to authenticate communications between its various components (e.g. between the app and the session), but also to authenticate communications with remote user content storages.


>>> config = {
...     "jwt": {
...         "key_pair": {
...             "public_key": "some public key",
...             "private_key": "some private key",
...         }
...     }
... }
key_pair: atoti.config.key_pair.KeyPairConfig

The key pair used to sign the JWT.

By default, a random key pair of 2048 bytes will be generated at session creation time.

Passing a custom JWT key pair is mainly useful for SSO purposes

Only RSA keys using the PKCS 8 standard are supported. Key pairs can be generated using a library like pycryptodome for example.