atoti.config.authentication.authentication module

class atoti.config.authentication.authentication.AuthenticationConfig(basic=None, kerberos=None, ldap=None, oidc=None)

The configuration of the authentication mechanism used by the server to know which users are allowed to connect to the application and which roles they are granted.


This requires the atoti-plus plugin.

If any non-basic authentication is configured, basic authentication will be automatically enabled as well to make it easier to create service/technical users.

Roles and restrictions can be configured using

basic: Optional[atoti.config.authentication.basic.BasicAuthenticationConfig] = None
kerberos: Optional[atoti.config.authentication.kerberos.KerberosConfig] = None
ldap: Optional[atoti.config.authentication.ldap.LdapConfig] = None
oidc: Optional[atoti.config.authentication.oidc.OidcConfig] = None