atoti_directquery_clickhouse.connection_info module#

class atoti_directquery_clickhouse.ClickhouseConnectionInfo#

Information needed to connect to a ClickHouse database.

__init__(url, /, *, password=None)#
  • url (str) –

    The connection string.

    The pattern is: (clickhouse|ch):(https|http|...)://login:password@host:port/database?prop=value. For example: "clickhouse:https://user:password@localhost:8123/mydb".

    When a parameter is missing, the default value will be used.

  • password (Optional[str]) –

    The password to connect to the database.

    Passing it in this separate parameter allows to avoid having it logged alongside the connection string.

    If None, a password is expected to be present in the passed url.