0.5.1 (January 13, 2021)#




  • Bump required version of jupyterlab from 3.0.0rc10 to 3.0.0.

  • Upgrade jdk4py dependency to version to use OpenJDK and support flight recording.

  • atoti.where() no longer returns the value of false_measure for == and != level conditions when those levels are not expressed in the query (issue #199, issue #200).

  • The app link in the Publish in app’s notification opens in a new tab instead of the current one (issue #194).



  • Issue with arrays in Parquet files (issue #190).

  • Issue with atoti.date_shift() where queries on the grand total would produce an exception (issue #112).

  • Issue with atoti.value() where joined columns with different names were not properly resolved (issue #196).

  • Issue where the query of an interactive widget in JupyterLab would not re-execute when re-running the cell (issue #201).

  • Layout issue of the app in Safari (issue #193).

  • When comparing two measures, if one is None, the condition evaluates to False instead of True.