Unlock all features#

Some features are not part of the community edition. They can be unlocked by getting a license key and setting it up.

Getting a license key#

If you don’t have a license key through a contract with ActiveViam, you can request an evaluation license.

Requesting an evaluation license#

Register here and you will get back an email containing a license key file.

Setting up the license key#

Set the ATOTI_LICENSE environment variable to the Base64 encoded content of your license key file.

Run this script to check that your license key is correctly set up:

from pathlib import Path
from base64 import b64encode, b64decode
import binascii
import os

license_key = os.environ.get("ATOTI_LICENSE")
assert license_key, "Expected `ATOTI_LICENSE` to be in the environment."

license_file_path = Path(license_key)
if license_file_path.exists():
    license_key = b64encode(license_file_path.read_bytes()).decode("utf8")
        f"For better portability, replace `ATOTI_LICENSE` with the Base64 content of your license key file: {license_key}"

    print("Atoti license correctly set up.")
except binascii.Error as error:
    raise ValueError("The Atoti license key is not set up correctly.") from error
Atoti license correctly set up.

Restart your Python notebook/application, you should then be able to use all the features included with your license key.