atoti.aggregates_cache module#

class atoti.aggregates_cache.AggregatesCache#

The aggregates cache associated with a Cube.

property capacity: int#

Capacity of the cache.


  • > 0: corresponds to the maximum amount of {location: measure} pairs that the cache can hold.

  • 0: Sharing is enabled but caching is disabled. Queries will share their computations if they are executed at the same time, but the aggregated values will not be stored to be retrieved later.

  • < 0: Caching and sharing are disabled.


>>> table = session.create_table("example", types={"id": tt.INT})
>>> cube = session.create_cube(table)
>>> cube.aggregates_cache.capacity
>>> cube.aggregates_cache.capacity = -1
>>> cube.aggregates_cache.capacity