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atoti follows NEP 29. atoti 0.7.1 thus supports Python 3.8 and above.

Pick one way to install atoti:


To also install the Atoti+ plugin, follow this page.

Python package#

atoti is available as a Python package on the public PyPI repository and can thus be installed with Python package managers such as pip or Poetry.

Install atoti and its JupyterLab extension:

pip install atoti[jupyterlab]

Installing graphviz is also recommended as it can be used to display the schema of an atoti session.

Conda package#

Install Miniconda 64-bit or Anaconda 64-bit.


Conda 64-bit is required since recent versions of some packages are not available with Conda 32-bit.

Add the conda-forge channel:

conda config --add channels conda-forge

Add the atoti channel:

conda config --add channels

Create a new Conda environment:

conda create --name atoti

Activate it:

conda activate atoti

Install atoti and its JupyterLab extension:

conda install atoti atoti-jupyterlab python