atoti_plus package

Module contents

Plugin to access Atoti+ features.

It requires credentials to be downloaded and a license to run. Contact if you don’t have any.

The ATOTI_LICENSE environment variable must either be the Base64 encoded content of the license or the path to a file containing the license.


Like the core atoti package and the other plugin packages, atoti-plus can be installed as a Python package or as a Conda package but pip, poetry, or conda need some extra configuration to be able to download the package from our private repositories.

In the commands below, replace {{username}} and {{password}} with your credentials.


pip install atoti-plus --extra-index-url https://{{username}}:{{password}}


First, follow Poetry’s instructions to configure as a private repository.

Then, install atoti-plus:

poetry add atoti-plus


Add the atoti channel ({{username}} and {{password}} need to be escaped with percent-encoding reserved characters if they contain special characters):

conda config --add channels https://{{username}}:{{password}}

Install atoti-plus:

conda install atoti-plus