atoti.config package


atoti.config.parsing module

Config parsing error.

exception atoti.config.parsing.ConfigParsingError(message, parsed_object=None)

Bases: ValueError

Error raised when the parsing of the config failed.

Module contents

Session configuration.

class atoti.config.SessionConfiguration(inherit, metadata_db=None, roles=None, authentication=None, properties=None)

Bases: atoti._serialization_utils.FromDict, atoti.config._utils.Mergeable

Configuration of the session.

authentication: Optional[Auth] = None
inherit: bool = None
metadata_db: Optional[str] = None
properties: Optional[Dict[Properties, Any]] = None
roles: Optional[List[Role]] = None
atoti.config.create_config(inherit=True, metadata_db=None, roles=None, authentication=None, properties=None)

Create the configuration.

  • inherit (bool) – Whether this config should be merged with the default config if it exists.

  • metadata_db (Optional[str]) – The description of the database where the session’s metadata will be stored. It is the path to a file, which will be created if needed.

  • roles (Optional[List[Role]]) – The roles and their restrictions.

  • authentication (Optional[Auth]) – The authentication used by the server.

  • properties (Optional[Dict[Properties, Any]]) – The properties provided to the Atoti server.

Return type



The configuration.

atoti.config.create_role(name, restrictions=None)

Create a role with the given restrictions.

Return type


class atoti.config.Auth0Authentication(issuer=None, audience=None, client_id=None, client_secret=None, role_mapping=<factory>)

Bases: atoti.config._auth.Auth, atoti.config._utils.Mergeable

Auth0 authentication.

audience: Optional[str] = None
client_id: Optional[str] = None
client_secret: Optional[str] = None
issuer: Optional[str] = None
role_mapping: Dict[str, List[RoleOrName]] = None
class atoti.config.BasicUser(name, password, roles=<factory>)

Bases: atoti._serialization_utils.FromDict

Basic user with roles.

name: str = None
password: str = None
roles: List[RoleOrName] = None
class atoti.config.BasicAuthentication(users, realm=None)

Bases: atoti.config._auth.Auth, atoti.config._utils.Mergeable

Basic authentication.

  • users (List[BasicUser]) – the list of users that can authenticate against the session

  • realm (Optional[str]) – the realm describing the protected area. Different realms can be used to isolate sessions running on the same domain (regardless of the port). The realm will also be displayed by the browser when prompting for credentials. Defaults to f”{session_name} Atoti session at {session_id}”.

realm: Optional[str] = None
users: List[BasicUser] = None
class atoti.config.Properties(value, send_to_server=True)

Bases: enum.Enum

Configurable properties.

csv_max_line_size = 'csv_max_line_size'

Maximum size in KB that each line in CSV can take. Default is 2048.

max_memory = 'max_memory'

Max memory allocated to each session. Actually set the -Xms and -Xmx JVM parameters. The format is a string containing a number followed by a unit among G, M and K, for instance “4G”. Default to the JVM default memory which is 25% of the machine memory.

websocket_compression = 'websocket_compression'

Set to True to enable WebSocket compression in the JVM. Default is False.